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Are you interested in joining The Thorium Network, an international team with no boundaries? We’re seeking individuals like you who have industry or academic experience, as well as students with a drive to excel. Available positions cover a wide range of areas, including Thorium and rare earths mining and processing, fluorochemicals production for fission fuel, neutronics and thermal hydraulics modelling, materials selection and mechanical design for handling high temperature salts, nuclear and radiation safety, supply chain logistics, marketing, sales, social media management, search engine optimization, community management, government liaison and lobbying, and finance and funding.

If you’re passionate about improving the world with Thorium Molten Salt Fission energy production technology, then The Thorium Network is the perfect place for you to make a difference. There are several ways to get involved:

  1. Visit our contributor** page to become a contributor or learn more.
  2. Complete the Team Application Form on our secure page** to join our team.
  3. Complete the SAFE Fission ConsultTM Application Form on our secure page** to become a consultant at SAFE Fission ConsultTM.
  4. Contact the guild president to join our student guild.
  5. Contact us to join the Thorium investors Club. This is run by one of our members.

**To access the secure page, please reach out to us with enough details to convince us of your intentions and we’ll provide you with the password. On our secure page, you’ll find other relevant information on the project that is accessible only to insiders.


If none of these listed methods work for you, consider supporting us via our Patreon page.

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Our Team

These are some of the team members you’ll be working with: Team Page