When it’s all said and done, it’s our agreements that count

Meet our legal team – Alexandra (left) and Kristina (right)

Agreements are what make the world go round. This emphasises the importance of clean concise documents and a team to make it happen. Since forming, The Thorium Network has signed many agreements, contracts, MOUs and NDAs. The agreements are with governments, mega corporations, specialist firms and individual experts. All related to our aim: The adoption of Thorium Molten Salt technology for Energy Production world wide.

“It’s our agreements with each other that make everything possible.”

Reach out to us for a conversation. About partnering, funding, joining our team or becoming one of our consultants. You’ll be interacting with our legal team, Alexandra and Kristina.

Alexandra and Kristina both come from a long line of family lawyers. Both specialise in corporate international law. Both are as excited as the rest of our team with the positive change that Thorium Molten Salt technology brings to our world. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their tremendous efforts.

Merry Christmas everyone, have a wonderful New Year and a very successful 2022.

Jeremiah Josey
Founder and CEO
The Thorium Network

Australia needs to adopt Thorium Molten Salt Technology for energy production

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

“Technology, not taxes is the Australian Way to reduce emissions while protecting our economy and living standards.”
Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledging Net Zero by 2050

But Mr. Morrison, it’s not just about reducing CO2. It’s also about Australia being a world leader.

China and Russia are building small modular reactors for themselves and for export to third world countries. They’re lowering their own carbon emissions and those in other countries, whilst reducing fossil fuel pollution that is killing millions particularly children under 5 years and also saving more lives by enabling desalination for clean drinking water and growing food.

Australia exports uranium and coal and say we are good citizens, on the right track to the solution for global warming. We are not being good world citizens when we don’t look at the big picture but only our self-interest.

Small, modular, transportable, Thorium molten salt burners could be this new technology that our Australian Government is relying on to create jobs, reduce carbon emissions and win the next election.

“Small Modular Reactors are the Future. Since 1970, nuclear has saved 60,000 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. Nuclear could deliver net zero, if only it was allowed to. Nuclear power will also solve water supply problems in a scalable manner.” Paul Kristensen Western Australian Owner/Principle- PK Science Consulting, nuclear scientist, and advocate.

Paul Kristensen Western Australian Owner/Principle- PK Science Consulting, nuclear scientist, and advocate

CURRENTLY the Rare Earth Elements (REE) in our mineral sands, which contain Thorium and uranium, cannot be used due to provisions in the Australia’s Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. [AEP&BC Act] The Act is causing this potentially very valuable product to be disposed of as waste by unrecoverable burial.

Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor, The Australian

“Only Australia, a true laggard and outlier, holds nuclear energy as illegal. In this, Australia is not just eccentric, but nuts.”
Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor, The Weekend Australian 10/11 July 2021.

Thorium is now being researched by over 30 countries. China is already operating a prototype reactor and building a commercial reactor to supply energy for a desert city.

Thorium molten salt burners can:-
• provide safe, low-cost, carbon free, reliable base load energy replacing fossil fuels.
• desalinate water for drinking and growing food.
• use nuclear waste as fuel.
• transport a reactor by truck or barge in a container to where needed.
• produce much less waste which only needs storing for 300 years not thousands.
• use a small earth footprint unlike solar, wind and hydro.
• be rebooted after 60 years so do not have the expensive and difficult recycling of
wind and solar.
• be cooled without water so can be used in deserts.
• not blow up or easily used to make bombs
• be used to produce medical isotopes to save thousands of lives.

“Technology will have the answers to a decarbonised economy, particularly over time.” Scott Morrison

The Liberal goal is to create wealth and jobs in Australia and win the next elections both State and Federal in March 2022 and hopefully gain the respect of other countries.

Mrs Liz Penfold
Former public representative for Flinders, South Australia
Liz Penfold

Authored by Mrs Liz Penfold
Former public representative for Flinders, South Australia.
Undefeated in office from 1993 until retirement in 2010, with an approval rating always above 70%.
Adviser to The Thorium Network on Australian Political Affairs.
Liz on Wikipedia; Liz on Linkedin

Can a knife alone be dangerous?

Green Earth

Who knows what is absolutely right?

Can a knife alone be dangerous? Who instilled in us the mindset of what is dangerous. What is wrong or right? Is this an inner belief or idea or is it rooted in our culture? Yes, I say that this knife, which in our opinion is a simple tool, may end someone’s life! 

What about nuclear energy? Can this concept or rather a misconception be generalized to nuclear energy? I say yes! Without a doubt, everything in this world can show two sides, positive and negative. Nuclear energy is no exception. Actually, It is our way of thinking that distinguishes right from wrong. If we learn how to use something properly, then we will always use its positive potential.

Now, if we base our criteria on the proper use of anything, we will find out that the environmental problems caused by common fossil fuels that have formed in our minds as safe fuels will act as the same knife. In the validation, they will be in a lower position than renewable energies like nuclear energy and we will eventually find out which to choose between not enjoying healthy air or a misconception about nuclear energy.

Sometimes we need to solve a problem radically and temporary solutions will work in the short term but what about the long term?

So we can not categorically reject nuclear energy and approve fossil fuels because we have a logical reason to reject fossil fuels and that would be environmental pollution!…. We are now witnessing its destructive effects on our surroundings!

Sometimes we need to solve a problem radically and temporary solutions will work in the short term but what about the long term? What solution will we have? This is the relationship between the environment and clean energy.

Now we come to cultivate an idea … an idea that needs collective support and that is Thorium nuclear energy… By the laws of physics, without any military or destructive purposes as clean and alternative energy that can be produced for thousands of years, and most importantly Thorium molten salt machines are the safest type of technology available. 

You may think, these are easy on paper but hard to do…but I say not impossible!

So we find that what matters is how we use the tools that we have, not just the nature of it. This is how the same simple knife can be beneficial in its way. Now you can see how the impossible can be made possible by changing the nature of a concept and flourishing it and that is why we are here and this is our main mission!

Much Love, Mona A

All the colours of the rainbow – a fad for Hydrogen

Nuclear Power under the Rainbow

I love all the colours chosen for a gas that has none. There is no smell either. Pink, green, blue, grey, black, yellow, white, maroon… I’m making them up now, but it doesn’t matter. There is an odour coming from this “new hydrogen economy”.  Hydrogen is not an “energy source”. It’s how we can transport energy. From where it’s made to where it’s consumed. The colours are a clever way of identifying the source of the energy before conversion into hydrogen. But be clear, hydrogen is not a “fuel” that replaces “fossil fuels”. Lithium is useless until energised in a Li-Ion battery. Hydrogen is useless until you make it, or rather separate it, from it’s most common bonded atomic partner – Oxygen. Then again I do enjoy a good drink of oxidised hydrogen. The most common form of hydrogen on earth – water – is not useless at all.

Hydrogen on the surface is “better” than hydrocarbons. It has twice the energy density. Fossil fuels, incidentally are stores of energy: you dig them up, or pump them out, and immediately convert them to heat. Remember that our most common need for energy is low cost heat. Hydrogen as a fuel is yet to find that low cost convertibility to a low priced, abundant fuel. It is easier to transport the energy via electrons, than lug around a much heavier proton with a electron attached to it.

For pipes and storage tanks, the metallurgy of hydrogen makes problems because it can embrittle many materials. It’s a very small molecule and creeps into all kinds of places. Hydrogen has a very wide explosive range: 4 to 74%, and will ignite with sunlight. It’s tricky stuff to work with.

I don’t see hydrogen becoming anything other than another energy distraction. Much the same way that ethanol was 20 years ago. But we are not adept at learning from our mistakes. There will be regions that will benefit for reasons other than are written here.

Hydrogen has a very wide explosive range: 4 to 74%, and will ignite with sunlight. It’s tricky stuff to work with.

Thorium Molten Salt Fission Energy technology making electricity is a viable proposition. The technology hurdles where identified and addressed more than 50 years ago.  Yes, hydrogen production using Molten Salt Technology is a very viable option – where it is needed. The Energy Return on Investment (EROI) of energy from Molten Salt Fission Energy Technology is 30 times better than any oil equivalent and 512 times better than wind and solar. (Anyone remember fuel ethanol? The EROI is somewhere between 0.9 and 1.1 – pitiful).

Let those numbers sink in… That’s where you’ll find the real gold at the end of the rainbow.

Jeremiah Josey
Founder, The Thorium Network

Fusion is here, today, tomorrow, maybe…

ITER Tokamak and plant systems 2016

So, are you up on your p’s & Q’s: Qtotal and Qplasma? Do you know the difference? If your taxes are being used on fusion energy efforts in your region then you better have a good talk to your representative about the details. Because as you’ll see in this video, even as recently as 2016, the head of the USD 65 billion ITER fusion project, Dr. Bigot, is telling little porky pies about the realty of their projects’ ultimate outcome. Why on earth would be be doing that? Oh, might have answered that in the previous sentence. It’s a big budget production.

Full credit to the efforts of all involved at ITER to create such an incredible feat of international collaborative scientific and engineering marvel. But will it get to the end once the cat is out of the bag (watch the video) and the mainstream realise they’ve been duped by clever scientific distinctions into funding a massive science experiment?

Also disappointing are the delays inevitably caused to other demonstrably viable technologies – like Molten Salt Fission – because of these deceptions. Tsk-tsk, Dr. Bigot.

Post note: ITER will be testing fuel “breeder blankets”, which may include a molten salt shielding and fuel production blanket of fluorine, lithium and beryllium (a “FLiBe” salt). The blanket is to produce the all important – but very, very rare – tritium fuel to make it all work. The Lithium needs to be Lithium-6. For Molten Salt Fission, Lithium-7 is necessary, because you do NOT want tritium production in Fission machines (in the thermal spectrum). We are very aware of that distinction and the implications for Lithium supplies around the world.

Ask us at SAFE Fission ConsultTM if you need help understanding all of this. We have experts from all sectors ready to help.

Whilst fusion is not our focus – ours is production of energy using Molten Salt Fission Energy Technology and Thorium – we’ve found it appropriate for a couple of focused articles – this one on ITER and one on JET – to highlight the inappropriate gap between the science and the spin.  Both articles are be found here.

This spin on fusion distracts from real progress on carbon free power production for our societies. It diverts attention from real technologies. It confuses the public. It diverts public money – and a few duped private investors – who, given full knowledge, would provide their support to such projects more judiciously.

For more comprehensive study on the inadequacies of fusion for power production we refer you to the work of Steven B. Krivit and this site New Energy Times.

Minerals Council of Australia issues report on Small Modular Reactors – Molten Salt is featured

Australia has committed to buying up to 8 small modular reactors*. It is conceivable to envisage similar technology rolling out across the country to produce SAFE, reliable, green energy. Thus, with a little imagination, one can envisage a burgeoning Thorium industry. And also eventual production of Safe clean fission energy from Molten Salt technologies. The imagination then expands further to the concept of a booming domestic vertical Rare Earths industry. With Boeing making UAVs in Toowoomba (Australia), how much of each aircraft could be supplied from ingenious, locally processed materials? Bringing it down to earth, how competitive would domestic EV and batteries industries become for export with local strategic supplies?

The mind boggles.

C’est la vie.

*Technically, these small modular reactors have a capacity of about 200MWt. They will probably be “9th generation” and hence have millions of safe operating hours behind them. Whilst the basis of the AUSUK decision is incorrect, the opportunities for correction open immensely.

Meanwhile, our consulting division, SAFE Fission Consult(TM), holds some of the brightest and experienced minds in the fission world. We are preparing countries for Safe Fission Energy:

See the article here:


Full credit to Adelaide based Dr. Ben Heard of Frazer-Nash Consultancy for producing the report.

The full report is here:

Energy from burning rocks

This is a great piece of history. The late Professor Mike Driscoll of MIT, known for his work on fission breeding (where more fuel is produced than is consumed – go figure!) asked the question of the origins of the word “breeder” to Dr. Alvin Weinberg. This is Dr. Weinberg’s response with Dr. Eugene Wigner’s handwritten addition. 12 April 1976.

China leading the way in Thorium Molten Salt Technology Development

China Thorium Molten Salt 26 July 2021

More than 50 years since the MSRE ended in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA, another starts up. This time in China. Whilst Oak Ridge’s machine was 8 MWt, China’s is 2MWt. This article by Gernot Kramper was published in the German Star online magazine on September 20, 2021. Well done China.


Thorium News and All Things Related

Thorium Molten Salt Burner

This is page is where our news articles will be published. Those related to our project, and those related to the industries we work in.

There’s quite a lot going on from Rare Earths mining and processing, Fluorination of fuels, to Molten Salt Modelling Technology, to regulations and new laws from around the world.