Founder and CEO Jeremiah Josey shares his vision for The Thorium Network

Team Members

Here are some of our team members. If you’d like to join us, start on this page.

Why We Joined The Thorium Network

If one is to do anything, it should be something worthwhile. Team member #1

I joined The Thorium Network because I see it as the only viable project that has an excellent chance of success. Team Member #23

When I understood the technology I was hooked. Thorium Molten Salt is the only way to go. Team member #4

I needed Thorium to finish my thesis (separating Rare Earths using Plasma) and it took me 2 years and an endless amount of paperwork. The Thorium Network is needed to move us to the next phase of human evolution. Team member #5

To Join The Thorium Network

If you’d like to join us, go to this page and start your epic journey with us.