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Imagine you are a country wanting to develop or expand your heavy industry. Or you have a rapidly expanding population. You need reliable, sustainable energy and lots of it. How will you get it? Conventional power sources like coal, gas, and oil are high emitters of CO2, vast consumers of land, and environmental hazards. Furthermore, you will need to supply these power plants with a constant supply of fuel, 24/7 forever. Your other options are limited. Solar and wind are fast becoming incapable of providing the on-demand baseload power required for your industry to survive. You are running out of biomass to burn. And you have used up your available hydro resources.

The only option left with low CO2 output and 24/7 reliability is Nuclear Fission Energy. But where do you start? You need help.

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“This is the strongest group I’ve ever seen in the industry.”

Head of a government nuclear technology company

Now imagine a team of experts who can come and effectively build your nuclear program to IAEA – and hence international – expectations. They guide you in the development of the nuclear program from the regulator. This includes licensing, construction, fuel management, operations, and decommissioning, including radioactive material handling. This team will help to develop the necessary training and infrastructure and will act as advisors to you to build this program. They help you to select the best technology for your needs and operations while adhering to strict nuclear security standards. That is who we are – SAFE Fission ConsultTM

Via our subsidiary group, SAFE Fission ConsultTM, The Thorium Network provides consulting services covering all activities related to fission energy production. Whilst our focus is on fission energy from Thorium Molten Salt technology, our experts have a combined experience of over 1,000 years in all facets of fission energy production. At SAFE Fission ConsultTM we cover mining, minerals processing, transport, security and safeguards, analysis, design and construction, fuel preparation, burn-up, and modeling, as well as energy production (from supercritical CO2 as well as traditional steam technology) remnant (waste) handling, regulations, policy advisory, approvals, and most importantly, training and education.

Contact us to find out how we can bring SAFE Fission Energy to your country – or to your mega-corporation – for Safe, Secure, Clean energy that will last for generations – from Nuclear Fission.


See the team of SAFE Fission ConsultTM here. (Viewing access is via request).