International Plasma Research Institute(TM) – IPRI(TM) – We are with you!

IPRI(TM), or the International Plasma Research Institute(TM), is a global research institute that operates under The Thorium Network.

Our primary objective is to enhance the success of your business by creating innovative plasma-based processes for even the most challenging tasks. We strive to develop alternate procedures to conventional methods by leveraging the unique capabilities of plasma processing, including dissociation, spheroidization, and nanoparticle manufacturing.

Plasma Assisted Digestion(TM) - Digestion Stage, post plasma
Plasma Assisted Digestion(TM) – Digestion Stage, post plasma

Our Research and Development team works in collaboration with renowned universities to provide students with opportunities to gain experience and knowledge while offering skilled and capable professionals who can immediately contribute to your industry and benefit your company from day one.

We have a team of skilled physical and chemical experts who can extract all valuable metals from your plasma product and utilize them for your advantage. Our team will conduct comprehensive R&D to explore all possibilities from concept to commercialization for the benefit of your business.

What sets IPRI(TM) apart is that we do not blindly follow the path of plasma processing. We use a combination of low-level and feasibility studies, along with technology evaluation, to collectively determine if plasma processing is the optimum process for your requirements. With your team’s cooperation, we assess the feasibility of using plasma processing to develop, understand, and ultimately evaluate the feasibility of the plasma process.

Our International Commercial Director is Dr. Marcin Ziemski, formerly a director of JKRC, Australia.

Dr. Dian Kemp is our Director of Global Plasma Research.

Our Commercial Director for Southern Africa is Dr. Jean Van Laar.

Reach out to us to secure your place in the future with our leading edge methods.