Honey Badger Oracle(TM) – Once we latch on, we never let go!

Our radioactive material management system is alive and active. Called Honey Badger OracleTM, this logistics management system uses the power of Blockchain to provide security and transparency for all radioisotopes. And for life-saving medical isotopes, Honey Badger OracleTM keeps them on time, every time.

Watch Honey Badger OracleTM in action

We take inspiration from the honey badger as a highly intelligent, strong, and ferocious animal that is incredibly tough and resilient. Honey badgers are tenacious, stubborn, and will relentlessly pursue their way of getting medical isotopes from point A to point B as efficiently as possible using blockchain technology.

Moving a medical isotope is a bit like moving melting ice – you have much less at the end than when the journey started. Time is not on your side. Thus the efficient transportation of the material is absolutely essential. Moving things over a long distance rapidly increases costs. If everyone involved can see everything, then we can move the melting ice more efficiently, with less hassle and with fewer mistakes. Honey Badger OracleTM is a fully transparent, unhackable, unchangeable, indefinitely long digital storage medium blockchain developed by The Thorium Network.

Outbursts video of honey badger beating Leopard (not for sensitive Leopard viewers)

Why? Medical isotopes are time-sensitive material that requires the same scrutiny and security as nuclear fuel. Globally there are 7 international manufacturers of isotopes. To get the material to where it is needed it needs to cross international borders and be ordered up to 8-weeks in advance to account for production delays and administrative delays. This requires input from nuclear regulators of both countries, as well as permissions over every country transversed. Before the isotope can be ordered even the medical aid needs to give permission as most patients cannot afford the high cost of this life-saving material without insurance. If a local producer is not operational, the cost of material becomes too expensive. As the full value chain is transparent, no one on the supply chain is willing to trust anybody else. Thus, the implementation of a trustless transparent system will enable all to come to the negotiation table and do what is best for the patient.

All of this requires paperwork that needs to be filled in and be carried by whoever is currently in possession of it. The problems faced by paperwork include late delivery, incorrect paperwork, incorrect labeling, inability to contact the driver and a late change of aircraft can mean less material allowed to be carried and some patients will not get their treatments on time.

Modern-day computers and smartphones have more storage and processing power than in the past, however, all of this paperwork is still not accepted digitally as the possibility of manipulating the paperwork for malicious reasons is too high. The Honey Badger OracleTM blockchain is the answer, as all information placed on the blockchain is unhackable, unchangeable, transparent, and will remain on record indefinitely. What’s extra is that whoever is in possession of the material can access all paperwork on their smart devices and, in conjunction with Smart Contracts, will reduce errors in the supply chain of nuclear materials.

Added benefits of using blockchain technology are:

  • Digitization of the complete supply chain
  • Transparent information to all necessary parties
  • Ability to speed up procurement of life-saving isotopes
  • Pre Approval of transport across borders from all interested parties
  • Complete transparency of the complete value chain
  • Ability to build an integrated backup system, in case the primary system fails, thus ensuring the package will arrive on time with the desired quantity
  • Reliability in terms of transportation requirements

Contact us to find out how Honey Badger OracleTM can increase your medical isotope revenues by over 10%, secure your radioisotope waste for thousands of years and track your fission fuel transports.