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There’s quite a lot going on from Rare Earths mining and processing, Fluorination of fuels, to Molten Salt Modelling Technology, to regulations and new laws from around the world.

Fission Energy for Across Africa – a Vision of 2050


A Land of Plenty

The African continent is a behemoth of people, resources and potential. The area of the combined 58 countries and regions is 30% larger than the European Union; almost twice that of Russia, and 84 times larger than Germany. The 1.3 billion people living in Africa have available to them a combined power generating capacity of ~230 GW. This equates to about 1,500 kWh per person per year in energy consumption.

A Billion More People

Over the next 30 years there will be another 1 billion new people born on the African continent. Africa will be the youngest and most dynamic region on earth. With global “peak child” happening in 2014 (a demonstrable fact) the number of children coming to the planet has plateaued and will remain that way for the foreseeable future as societies improve their living standards and reduce the size of families. This is also so in Africa, yet the population will grow no matter what. Furthermore, the African continent will hold more than 3 billion people by 2100.

And energy will be the prime enabler to provide those billions with a decent quality of life.

Hans Rolsing
Hans Rosling pointing out how 11b people come to the planet

Improving Lifestyle means Increasing Energy Consumption

South Africa has the highest energy consumption per person, at 4,100 kWh per year. Yet this is still below the 5,500 kWh average across Europe. Further across the continent it is clear that some countries lack basic energy infrastructure to bring energy to their people.

Let’s assume that by 2050 the present average of 1,500 kWh per person per year increases to 3,000 kWh. Thus the total energy generation capacity becomes almost 800 GW. Thus 570 GW of new power generating capacity is required from now to 2050.

African power consumption
African power consumption per person
Sting on Nuclear energy
Sting on Nuclear energy

Avoiding the Renewables Trap

The Africa Renewable Energy Initiative planned to install 10 GW of wind and solar by 2020 (achieved) and 300 GW of wind and solar by 2030. But they are forgetting Germany’s failed 20 year experiment in wind and solar. CO2 levels are unchanged and  electricity prices have doubled. Now Germany is planning to restart coal fired power stations. The reason is simple. When considering all factors, wind and solar are simply not viable. This is best illustrated by the Energy Return on Investment ratio, or EROI. This bar chart is developed from the Berlin Institute for Solid-State Nuclear Physics (Institut für Festkörper-Kernphysik) and available on the Australian government’s nuclear scientist’s website. The Energy Return on Investment Ratio is a macro level indicator of the overall usefulness of the energy derived from any particular form. How many units of energy can be recovered for each unit of energy expended. The EROI of wind and solar (3.9 and 1.6 respectively) fails miserably when compared to coal (30), gas (28) and existing solid-fuel nuclear fission (75). But our focus is the literal purple elephant in the room – Molten Salt fission technology. It’s EROI is 2000 to 1! With such a significant obvious benefit, over all other forms of energy production, it is only a matter of time before the genie is out of the bottle.

Thus as the reality of low value return on wind and solar is realised, Molten Salt Technology (and other small modular reactors using traditional solid fuels) will gain traction to fill the growing requirements of Africa’s energy needs.

Energy Return on Investment

A New Paradigm of Industrial Growth

One can imagine a fleet of up to 5,000 small modular Molten Salt Fission machines each with a capacity of 100 MW installed strategically across Africa.  Creating a decentralised, distributed power generation system. Some sites will be larger or smaller than others, driven by  domestic electricity demands. With the power facilities having a fuelled lifespan exceeding 30 years, it is quite easy to see energy as no longer an issue across the African continent.

Integrated Industrial Zone Powered by Molten Salt courtesy of Figes
Integrated Industrial Zone Powered by Molten Salt courtesy of Figes

But it goes further. Whilst reliable 24/7 power from Molten Salt Fission machines provides ample energy for domestic needs, the technology supports industrial growth and development. 1GW and larger power installations are able to drive industries reliant on both heat and power. Facilities of this size could lead to industrial parks such as the one here envisaged by government energy and industrial development planners in Turkey.

A Positive Future

Africa Blockchain

The people of Africa have a bright future ahead for them. With technologies tried and true from western spheres, the people of Africa can select and choose the most appropriate and most suitable means to improve their quality of life. For themselves and for their children. Molten Salt Fission energy technology is a strong contender for the energy mix of Africa.

Authored by Jeremiah Josey
Founder and CEO of The Thorium Network


Unintended Consequences – Episode 3 – The Preface

Fukushima Tsunami Devastation

A Deadly Evacuation

Excerpts from the Report of the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) 7- 31 May, 2013 General Assembly Records.

Chapter III Scientific findings [Fukushima]

“1. The accident and the release of radioactive material into the environment.

On 11 March 2011, at 14:46 [2:46 pm] local time, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake occurred near Honshu, Japan, creating a devastating tsunami that left a trail of death and destruction in its wake.

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami, which flooded over 500 square kilometres of land, resulted in the loss of more than 20,000 lives.

The loss of off-site and on-site electrical power and compromised safety systems at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station led to severe core damage to three of the six nuclear reactors on the site.

In this March 11, 2011 photo taken about 2 hours after a massive earthquake and tsunami occurred, Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant in Okumamachi, is pictured. (AP Photo/Yomiuri Shimbun, Yasushi Kanno) JAPAN

The Government of Japan recommended the evacuation of about 78,000 people living within a 20-km (12 mile) radius of the power plant and the sheltering in their own homes of about 62,000 other people living between 20 and 30 km from the plant. However, the evacuations themselves also had repercussions for the people involved, including a number of evacuation-related deaths and the subsequent impact on mental and social well-being

Those “evacuation-related deaths” would eventually total 1,600, with 90% of them caused by Japan’s reliance on American radiation safety standards that are based on a fraud that began in the 1920’s. More on that in coming episodes.

That fraud, committed by a Nobel laureate and formalised by the U.S. in the 1950’s, became regulatory dogma that has greatly retarded the expansion of CO2-free nuclear power, accelerated Climate Change and caused the deaths of millions who, out of fear of radiation, avoided essential diagnostic methods and treatments, and at Fukushima caused hundreds of suicides by distraught and unstable people, primarily the elderly, who feared that they would never see their homes or businesses again.

The linear model has since been dropped by a number of international bodies specialising in radiation protection.

The daughter of an elderly woman who had hung herself lamented, “If she had not been forced to evacuate, she wouldn’t have killed herself.” (Chapter 7 of the book compares the deaths caused by using fossil fuels instead of emission-free nuclear power).

Children were not allowed to play outside, and topsoil was needlessly removed at great expense from farm fields that became, as a consequence, less fertile.

Hundreds of elderly people were hastily removed from nursing homes and hospitals, only to be scattered across the hardwood floors of gymnasiums, where many died from makeshift medical care, or sometimes none at all.

These deaths were preventable, just as Climate Change can be moderated if the industrialised nations replace the burning of carbon and the use of deadly, inefficient, carbon-reliant windmills and solar farms (chapters 9 and 10) with CO2-free nuclear power as rapidly as possible while developing technologies that support natural processes that can remove CO2 from our atmosphere. Windmills can’t do it. Neither can solar, not singly or combined with wind. For that, we will need an abundance of safe, efficient, CO2-free nuclear power. Nothing else will do.

Here is a podcast with George Erickson talking about Fukushima Daiichi:

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Unintended Consequences – Episode 2 – The Forward

Climate Change in 50 years

Unintended Consequences is intended to help open-minded readers learn the truth about the severity of Climate Change, the need for nuclear power – not “alternatives” like wind and solar – and to explain why our unwarranted fear of tiny amounts of radiation has caused millions of deaths and disabilities.

Those who challenge the firmly held beliefs of legislative bodies and powerful organisations like the Sierra Club, Greenpeace and their well-meaning but science-indifferent clones, soon learn that their arguments, no matter how logical or well documented, will often be brushed aside with a dismissive “That’s just your opinion.”

To counter that assertion, I, Dr. George Erickson, have included many links to supportive material from a wide range of professionals in the energy field: engineers, nuclear physicists, science journalists and specialists in nuclear medicine.

Dr. George Erickson in 2018 at TEAC8

Although inserting links to the work of so many experts within the text instead of footnoting them might seem intrusive, I’ve taken that risk because the health of our planet requires an informed public and science-literate legislators – unlike those who are supporting inefficient technologies that are damaging the environment they claim to revere.

“It is much easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

Unfortunately, when I and my associates give climate change/energy presentations that support advanced nuclear power and criticise inefficient, environment-damaging, carbon- reliant wind and solar farms that we were conned into accepting, we frequently encounter disbelief, a problem that Mark Twain addressed: “It is much easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.”

1. Previous Episode – Episode 1 – Why I Care
2. Launching the Unintended Consequences Series
2. Dr. George Erickson’s Website,
3. The full pdf version of Unintended Consequences
4. Climate Change
5. Mark Twain

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Unintended Consequences – Episode 1 – Why I Care, by Dr. George Erickson.

Book cover of Unintended Consequences

This is the first episode taken from Dr. George Erickson’s Unintended Consequences: The Lie that Killed Millions and accelerated Climate Change. Follow our media for a bite sized portion each week of Dr. Erickson’s book with additional images and references for easy information access. Follow our social media to read some of the best, some of the most concise words you’ll find on Climate Change and how Molten Salt Fission TechnologyTM with Thorium can fix it.

Over to you Dr. George Erickson…

Back in the sixties, when I was living in a small Minnesota farming community, my sons were taught to “duck and cover” beneath their desks in case of a nuclear war.

George Erickson
George Erickson – Why I care

We’d been warned about radiation and fallout, so I built a concrete block shelter in my basement that I hoped would shield my family for a week or two if events with Russia turned sour.

Thorium for a lifetime

Time passed. The Cold War waned, and when concerns about nuclear power changed from making bombs to making electricity, my concerns about nuclear issues receded – until I attended a lecture on thorium near the turn of the century. Intrigued, I began to investigate thorium because of its many advantages over uranium for producing electricity

I joined the National Center for Science Education and the Thorium Energy Alliance, which provided a huge upgrade to my better than average knowledge of physics and energy issues, including Climate Change.

I had known about greenhouse gases, global warming and sea level rise, and I had read about Dr. Charles Keeling’s work with carbon dioxide on the slopes of Mauna Loa, but I hadn’t realized that expanding nuclear power, which creates no carbon dioxide (CO2) could be our most effective weapon for combating Climate Change, much of which is caused by burning coal, oil, wood and natural gas to supply electricity to an expanding world that exceeds 7 billion – a world that is finally beginning to consider the value of CO2-free, environmentally benign nuclear power.

One solution seemed obvious: replace the carbon-burning steam generators at every power plant with nuclear power plants. However, I quickly discovered that many powerful organizations oppose almost everything nuclear – some out of ignorance, many from fear, and some for profit, but I also found support from those who’d set their fears aside after discovering the impressive safety record and efficiency of CO2-free nuclear power. And so, with Climate Change becoming deadlier every year (assisted by former Pres. D. J. Trump, our anti-science Climate Change Denier in Chief), and because my grandchildren’s futures are at stake, I have decided to respond to those who fear our safest, most efficient, environmentally benign power technology by revealing its true record – including that of Chernobyl, which has caused fewer than 80 deaths, and of Fukushima Daiichi, where two workers drowned at the plant – and I’ll highlight some of the new plants that are even safer and more efficient than the hundreds we have relied on for 60 years.

But first, I must mention two discoveries that came as a huge surprise – the fact that our radiation safety standards are based on a fraud that became dogma not long after World War II [Ed. see later episodes for this explanation], and the existence of compelling evidence that low levels of background radiation can even improve our lives. I know that sounds crazy, but there is abundant science to back it up.

Aldo Leopold

“An ecologist must be the doctor who sees the marks of death in a community that believes itself well and does not want to be told otherwise.” Aldo Leopold – 1943

The Green New Deal will accelerate climate change and damage our environment unless it expands safe, highly efficient, resource-sipping, CO2-free nuclear power and stops funding inefficient, resource-gobbling environment-damaging wind and solar farms, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Argentina, Poland, Sweden, Finland, India, China, the Czech Republic, Estonia, the Netherlands, France; Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Gr. Britain, Belarus, Ukraine, the Emirates, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt have approved or are building nuclear plants, and we [Ed. “we” = USA] should, too.

Dr. James Hansen

The belief that we can get all of our energy from wind, water and solar is exactly what Dr. James Hansen, former chief scientist at NASA, had in mind when he wrote, “We have two political parties; neither wants to face reality. Conservatives pretend that climate change is a hoax, and liberals propose solutions that are non-solutions.

Cartoon - survival plan

We must turn away from carbon. We must do better than this!

[Ed. Cartoon copyright Toles 2013, The Washington Post. Reprinted with permission of Universal Uclick.]

This is the end of the first episode taken from Dr. George Erickson’s Unintended Consequences: The Lie that Killed Millions and accelerated Climate Change. Each week we’ll be posting a bite sized portion of Dr. Erickson’s book with additional images and references for easy information access. So follow our social media to read some of the best, some of the most concise words you’ll find on Climate Change and how Molten Salt Fission TechnologyTM with Thorium can fix it.

Coming up next week, Episode 2 – the Forward of Unintended Consequences.

References and related links:
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4. The Green New Deal by John de Graaf
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6. Nuclear Power Is the Best Climate-Change Solution by Far by Andrew I. Fillat and Henry I. Miller
7. Thorium Energy Alliance
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9. Dr. Charles Keeling

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Launching the Unintended Consequences Series

To start the new year we will be publishing episodes from the book “Unintended Consequences: The Lie that Killed Millions and accelerated Climate Change“, by best selling science author Dr. George Erickson. Each week we be posting part of Dr. Erickson’s book onto our web page and social media channels in a bite size episode. There will be more than 40 episodes. Sign up for regular reminders of the next episode and spend the next 10 months learning from someone with first hand experience in the effects of climate change, and knowledgeable in the only real alternative we have for carbon free energy: safe, clean, green Molten Salt Fission Technology(TM), fuelled by Thorium.

Dr. Erickson is the best-selling author of five pro-science books, a former bush pilot in Alaska and Canada, a retired dentist, a former vice president of the American Humanist Association, a member of the National Centre for Science Education and a member of the Thorium Energy Alliance.

Dr. Erickson occasionally exchanges climate change / energy emails with Dr. James Hansen, the former chief scientist at NASA whom George Bush tried to silence on climate change. Dr. Hansen is quoted often in Dr. Erickson’s book, “Unintended Consequences: The Lie that Killed Millions and Accelerated Climate Change“.

In Unintended Consequences, Dr. Erickson exposes the lie that created our excessive and fraudulent radiation safety standards and the damage those regulations have caused. He expresses his dismay with “greens” in their profit of promoting low efficiency, intermittent supply, carbon reliant solar panels and bird and bat-killing, carbon-dependent windmills, yet oppose 90% efficiency, environmentally friendly, carbon free, super safe nuclear power.

Because of the increasing damage from climate change, Dr. Erickson has made the November, 2021 update of this book FREE. You can still buy the paperback off Amazon.

A prolific writer of climate change and energy op-eds, Dr. Erickson’s also self funds travel campaigns to give climate change and energy presentations at colleges, schools, universities, service clubs and affinity groups. To schedule a presentation, email Dr. Erickson at [email protected] or [email protected] or call +1 218 744 2003.

“Your writing is brilliant and so clear.”
Dr. James Hansen, former chief climate scientist at NASA.

“By comparing the safety, reliability and emissions of nuclear reactors to carbon combustion and unreliable wind and solar, Dr. Erickson sends a message to people who love the earth – nuclear is the rational way forward.”
Dr. Tim Maloney 

“Unintended Consequences is excellent. I will recommend it widely.”
Dr. Martin Goodman MD 

“This great book reveals why the green movement is wrong on nuclear energy.”
Mathijs Beckers 

“Universal Consequences is rational thought for those seeking a sustainable planet.”
Dr. Rod Coenen 

His 38 “summers” of exploring arctic Canada and Alaska with a variety of seaplanes led to his best seller, True North: Exploring the Great Wilderness by Bush Plane. To help moderate the stress on our lives caused by Covid-19 restrictions, he has also made this highly praised book available FREE from his website

His second book, Time Travelling with Science and the Saints – an overview of the long conflict between science and religion – soon followed, and his third book, Back to the Barrens: On the Wing with da Vinci & Friends, his much-requested sequel to True North, was published in mid- 2008.

True North and Back to the Barrens both are endorsed by multi-million-copy-author Clive Cussler.

Eyes Wide Open: Living Laughing, Loving and Learning in a Religion-troubled World, an anthology of new and published fiction and non-fiction published in 2010 by the American Humanist Association, is his fourth book. It is also an eBook.

After retiring near Virginia, Minnesota, United States of America, Dr. Erickson initiated and led a campaign to build a $1.2 million indoor tennis facility for his hometown. He helps coach the Virginia boys and girls tennis teams, funds scholarships at the Mesabi Range Community College and donates all of his book profits to educational charities. He is married and has two sons.

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10. Back to the Barrens: On the Wing with da Vinci & Friends
11. Clive Cussler
12. Eyes Wide Open: Living Laughing, Loving and Learning in a Religion-troubled World

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Asia leads the way for our Carbon Free Future

With so many nuclear reactors planned (a.k.a. fission energy machines), it’s an obvious outcome for the world in general: clean, green, safe energy production for the most populous region on earth. That means for Asia: clean air, clean water, and clean lives, with… low cost, safe energy. Production efficiency rates in the region will sore. Innovation will eclipse anything we’ve seen before. The environment will become a green wilderness again (remember too China reclaims over 2,000 square km of desert each year). This is the next revolution, after the Industrial, after the Information. It’s the Energy Revolution. And it’s very exciting to be part of it.

Remember, we all breath the same air.

Jeremiah Josey
Founder and CEO

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When it’s all said and done, it’s our agreements that count

Meet our legal team – Alexandra (left) and Kristina (right)

Agreements are what make the world go round. This emphasises the importance of clean concise documents and a team to make it happen. Since forming, The Thorium Network has signed many agreements, contracts, MOUs and NDAs. The agreements are with governments, mega corporations, specialist firms and individual experts. All related to our aim: The adoption of Thorium Molten Salt technology for Energy Production world wide.

“It’s our agreements with each other that make everything possible.”

Reach out to us for a conversation. About partnering, funding, joining our team or becoming one of our consultants. You’ll be interacting with our legal team, Alexandra and Kristina.

Alexandra and Kristina both come from a long line of family lawyers. Both specialise in corporate international law. Both are as excited as the rest of our team with the positive change that Thorium Molten Salt technology brings to our world. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their tremendous efforts.

Merry Christmas everyone, have a wonderful New Year and a very successful 2022.

Jeremiah Josey
Founder and CEO
The Thorium Network

Australia needs to adopt Thorium Molten Salt Technology for energy production

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

“Technology, not taxes is the Australian Way to reduce emissions while protecting our economy and living standards.”
Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledging Net Zero by 2050

But Mr. Morrison, it’s not just about reducing CO2. It’s also about Australia being a world leader.

China and Russia are building small modular reactors for themselves and for export to third world countries. They’re lowering their own carbon emissions and those in other countries, whilst reducing fossil fuel pollution that is killing millions particularly children under 5 years and also saving more lives by enabling desalination for clean drinking water and growing food.

Australia exports uranium and coal and say we are good citizens, on the right track to the solution for global warming. We are not being good world citizens when we don’t look at the big picture but only our self-interest.

Small, modular, transportable, Thorium molten salt burners could be this new technology that our Australian Government is relying on to create jobs, reduce carbon emissions and win the next election.

“Small Modular Reactors are the Future. Since 1970, nuclear has saved 60,000 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. Nuclear could deliver net zero, if only it was allowed to. Nuclear power will also solve water supply problems in a scalable manner.” Paul Kristensen Western Australian Owner/Principle- PK Science Consulting, nuclear scientist, and advocate.

Paul Kristensen Western Australian Owner/Principle- PK Science Consulting, nuclear scientist, and advocate

CURRENTLY the Rare Earth Elements (REE) in our mineral sands, which contain Thorium and uranium, cannot be used due to provisions in the Australia’s Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. [AEP&BC Act] The Act is causing this potentially very valuable product to be disposed of as waste by unrecoverable burial.

Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor, The Australian

“Only Australia, a true laggard and outlier, holds nuclear energy as illegal. In this, Australia is not just eccentric, but nuts.”
Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor, The Weekend Australian 10/11 July 2021.

Thorium is now being researched by over 30 countries. China is already operating a prototype reactor and building a commercial reactor to supply energy for a desert city.

Thorium molten salt burners can:-
• provide safe, low-cost, carbon free, reliable base load energy replacing fossil fuels.
• desalinate water for drinking and growing food.
• use nuclear waste as fuel.
• transport a reactor by truck or barge in a container to where needed.
• produce much less waste which only needs storing for 300 years not thousands.
• use a small earth footprint unlike solar, wind and hydro.
• be rebooted after 60 years so do not have the expensive and difficult recycling of
wind and solar.
• be cooled without water so can be used in deserts.
• not blow up or easily used to make bombs
• be used to produce medical isotopes to save thousands of lives.

“Technology will have the answers to a decarbonised economy, particularly over time.” Scott Morrison

The Liberal goal is to create wealth and jobs in Australia and win the next elections both State and Federal in March 2022 and hopefully gain the respect of other countries.

Mrs Liz Penfold
Former public representative for Flinders, South Australia
Liz Penfold

Authored by Mrs Liz Penfold
Former public representative for Flinders, South Australia.
Undefeated in office from 1993 until retirement in 2010, with an approval rating always above 70%.
Adviser to The Thorium Network on Australian Political Affairs.
Liz on Wikipedia; Liz on Linkedin


Hi folks! You may not know who I am. I am just a girl who wants to change the world but of course in a good way because this is what engineers do they turn dreams into realities. We all grow with superhero stories and always think that the world needs a Superman to be survived. The hero has arrived. His name is Thorium Fuel Molten Salt Reactor. Let’s all agree on one thing and continue to move on our journey: Nuclear is the only way to stop climate change!


Hi, everyone. My name is Fatma. I am a 4th-year student at the Department of Nuclear Energy Engineering at Hacettepe University, Turkey. I am working as a secretary of the Student Guild of The Thorium Network. I think that Thorium Molten Salt Reactors are safer and more eco-friendly compared to other reactor types. Therefore, Thorium Molten Salt Reactors may be one of the most preferred reactor types of the future.


Hi, I’m Veli. I’m a senior student of nuclear engineering. I love chemistry and the elements. Since I am a nuclear engineer, I have a special interest in Thorium. I would like to be in a position related to the processing of Thorium in the future. I also work as a treasurer of the student guild of The Thorium Network. I believe that The Thorium Network will guide me. That’s why I’m eagerly working on The Thorium Network.


To reach us and see more details go here:

And remember to support The Guild via Patreon for only €85 per month.

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Can a knife alone be dangerous?

Green Earth

Who knows what is absolutely right?

Can a knife alone be dangerous? Who instilled in us the mindset of what is dangerous. What is wrong or right? Is this an inner belief or idea or is it rooted in our culture? Yes, I say that this knife, which in our opinion is a simple tool, may end someone’s life! 

What about nuclear energy? Can this concept or rather a misconception be generalized to nuclear energy? I say yes! Without a doubt, everything in this world can show two sides, positive and negative. Nuclear energy is no exception. Actually, It is our way of thinking that distinguishes right from wrong. If we learn how to use something properly, then we will always use its positive potential.

Now, if we base our criteria on the proper use of anything, we will find out that the environmental problems caused by common fossil fuels that have formed in our minds as safe fuels will act as the same knife. In the validation, they will be in a lower position than renewable energies like nuclear energy and we will eventually find out which to choose between not enjoying healthy air or a misconception about nuclear energy.

Sometimes we need to solve a problem radically and temporary solutions will work in the short term but what about the long term?

So we can not categorically reject nuclear energy and approve fossil fuels because we have a logical reason to reject fossil fuels and that would be environmental pollution!…. We are now witnessing its destructive effects on our surroundings!

Sometimes we need to solve a problem radically and temporary solutions will work in the short term but what about the long term? What solution will we have? This is the relationship between the environment and clean energy.

Now we come to cultivate an idea … an idea that needs collective support and that is Thorium nuclear energy… By the laws of physics, without any military or destructive purposes as clean and alternative energy that can be produced for thousands of years, and most importantly Thorium molten salt machines are the safest type of technology available. 

You may think, these are easy on paper but hard to do…but I say not impossible!

So we find that what matters is how we use the tools that we have, not just the nature of it. This is how the same simple knife can be beneficial in its way. Now you can see how the impossible can be made possible by changing the nature of a concept and flourishing it and that is why we are here and this is our main mission!

Much Love, Mona A