A New You? Changing the Way the World Thinks about Nuclear Energy

Position Vacant – Commercial Director – SAFE Fission Consult(TM)

Greetings fellow earth citizen and prospective new member of The Thorium Network!

At The Thorium Network we have formed, what one chairman at a world nuclear government office once said: “the strongest team he’s ever seen in this field”.

Our name for it is SAFE Fission Consult(TM)

Link: https://TheThoriumNetwork.com/about/services/SAFE-Fission-ConsultTM/

We have a former white house advisor, former heads of industry, and former government nuclear agency director, as well as several high profile people in the Atomic Energy space in the team.

You can see them here (after you’ve requested access).

Link: https://thethoriumnetwork.com/contributions/confidential-documents/

Our focus is African countries – helping achieve energy sovereignty through approaching Atomic Energy in the appropriate way.

About The Job

In your role you’ll be reaching out to presidents, energy ministers, key advisors, business leaders and ensuring the message is getting through. To offer our consulting services, prepare proposals, submit them, negotiate, and secure contracts.

In general you would be responsible for the following:

+ Market research: Gathering and analyzing information about our target market and our competitors.

+ Business development: Identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, such as partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions.

+ Sales and marketing: Developing and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns to promote our services.

+ Pricing: Determining the price points for our services, taking into account market trends and competition.

+ Supply chain management: Negotiating contracts with suppliers, monitoring the delivery of goods and services, and ensuring the efficient flow of materials and products.

+ Customer relationship management: Building and maintaining positive relationships with our customers and addressing any concerns or complaints they may have.

+ Budgeting and financial management: Preparing and monitoring the budget, tracking expenses, and making decisions to allocate resources effectively.

+ Risk management: Identifying and assessing our potential risks, such as economic trends or fluctuations in the market, and developing strategies to mitigate those risks.

+ Negotiation: Representing SAFE Fission Consult(TM) in negotiations with suppliers, customers, and partners, and working to secure favorable terms for us.

+ Team management: Leading and motivating a team of sales and marketing professionals to achieve our goals.

Formal qualifications are not necessary. Just an adequate aptitude to either have the necessary knowledge or to acquire it. Yes, that means you don’t need to be a nuclear engineer or scientist to apply either.

References are essential. At least 3.

This position is preparation for conversion to CEO of this division at a later time.

Reward and compensation is on a commission basis and also with project tokens until the main project is funded.

How to Apply

Apply here.

Link: https://TheThoriumNetwork.com/join-us/

You’ll be applying as “Team Member”, (this is #2 on our Join Us page), so be sure to follow the directions to get to the application form.

You also have to request an access code. Details on how to do that you will find on the web pages also.

About The Thorium Network

More about The Thorium Network and being part of our team.

Team members for the Thorium project are ambitious, conscientious, and passionate about the project and the planet. We play as a team.

How you think is more important than what you do. And as a startup there is lots to do.

Objectives – After Funding

There are the objectives of The Thorium Network:-

1) Our motto is “We Deliver Thorium”, and our objective is to accelerate the adoption of Fission Energy world wide. We strive for easy access to Thorium and focus on Molten Salt Fission Energy Technology powered by Thorium. This is done in full compliance with international guidelines and country regulations;

2) Raising public awareness. As well as being an innovator of supply chain logistics and Fission advocates we are also a public relations group;

3) Driving licensing of Molten Salt Fission Technology across the network, using our network and access within the industry.

Critical and creative thinking on how to achieve our objectives is required.

Being a team member means you will pick up from where we are and contribute to our activities for growth and success.

This is after funding is completed.

Objectives – Before Funding

Before funding is completed, team members use their skill set to help out with our immediate priorities:

1) fundraising;

2) help complete a strong team and bring relevant skills to the table;

3) help with our strategy, planning and operational activities.

Yes, that means there are no salaries for now.

Social Media

We have these social media pages you should study to understand our audience:

LinkTree: Linktr.ee/TheThoriumNetwork

Telegram – t.me/TheThoriumNetwork

Linkedin – linkedin.com/company/TheThoriumNetwork

Twitter – twitter.com/ThoriumNetwork

Instagram – instagram.com/TheThoriumNetwork

Facebook – facebook.com/The.Thorium.Network

Website – TheThoriumNetwork.com

Formal International Connections

Being part of this groundbreaking team means you will have an instant international network to connect with.

To have this representation authority you will have a contract with us. The contract also secures your position pre and post funding.

Interested to join us? Your own personal onboarding process will commence here.

Link: https://TheThoriumNetwork.com/Join-Us/

Flexibility is Key

PS, there are no fixed hours and you work from wherever on the planet you have an internet connection.

We look forward to having you on board.

Best regards,

Jeremiah Josey

Founding Director


We Deliver Thorium


#GotThorium #Fission4All #RadiationIsGood4U #NuclearEnergy

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