Australia needs to adopt Thorium Molten Salt Technology for energy production

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

“Technology, not taxes is the Australian Way to reduce emissions while protecting our economy and living standards.”
Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledging Net Zero by 2050

But Mr. Morrison, it’s not just about reducing CO2. It’s also about Australia being a world leader.

China and Russia are building small modular reactors for themselves and for export to third world countries. They’re lowering their own carbon emissions and those in other countries, whilst reducing fossil fuel pollution that is killing millions particularly children under 5 years and also saving more lives by enabling desalination for clean drinking water and growing food.

Australia exports uranium and coal and say we are good citizens, on the right track to the solution for global warming. We are not being good world citizens when we don’t look at the big picture but only our self-interest.

Small, modular, transportable, Thorium molten salt burners could be this new technology that our Australian Government is relying on to create jobs, reduce carbon emissions and win the next election.

“Small Modular Reactors are the Future. Since 1970, nuclear has saved 60,000 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. Nuclear could deliver net zero, if only it was allowed to. Nuclear power will also solve water supply problems in a scalable manner.” Paul Kristensen Western Australian Owner/Principle- PK Science Consulting, nuclear scientist, and advocate.

Paul Kristensen Western Australian Owner/Principle- PK Science Consulting, nuclear scientist, and advocate

CURRENTLY the Rare Earth Elements (REE) in our mineral sands, which contain Thorium and uranium, cannot be used due to provisions in the Australia’s Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. [AEP&BC Act] The Act is causing this potentially very valuable product to be disposed of as waste by unrecoverable burial.

Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor, The Australian

“Only Australia, a true laggard and outlier, holds nuclear energy as illegal. In this, Australia is not just eccentric, but nuts.”
Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor, The Weekend Australian 10/11 July 2021.

Thorium is now being researched by over 30 countries. China is already operating a prototype reactor and building a commercial reactor to supply energy for a desert city.

Thorium molten salt burners can:-
• provide safe, low-cost, carbon free, reliable base load energy replacing fossil fuels.
• desalinate water for drinking and growing food.
• use nuclear waste as fuel.
• transport a reactor by truck or barge in a container to where needed.
• produce much less waste which only needs storing for 300 years not thousands.
• use a small earth footprint unlike solar, wind and hydro.
• be rebooted after 60 years so do not have the expensive and difficult recycling of
wind and solar.
• be cooled without water so can be used in deserts.
• not blow up or easily used to make bombs
• be used to produce medical isotopes to save thousands of lives.

“Technology will have the answers to a decarbonised economy, particularly over time.” Scott Morrison

The Liberal goal is to create wealth and jobs in Australia and win the next elections both State and Federal in March 2022 and hopefully gain the respect of other countries.

Mrs Liz Penfold
Former public representative for Flinders, South Australia
Liz Penfold

Authored by Mrs Liz Penfold
Former public representative for Flinders, South Australia.
Undefeated in office from 1993 until retirement in 2010, with an approval rating always above 70%.
Adviser to The Thorium Network on Australian Political Affairs.
Liz on Wikipedia; Liz on Linkedin

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